Earth Break

As I was perusing Polygon, I came across an article for back to school supplies. One of the first listings is Earth Break, an escape room where you don’t have to leave your dorm. It’s a subscription where you get an “episode” each month for $30. There are five episodes per season.


Earth Break

The difference with this subscription box is that it it comes in limited quantities per day. It is currently at 200 per day. They also have you take a quiz and that determines if you’re serious about joining this community. The subscription arrived on Friday, August 16 when it was initially scheduled to arrive on Monday, August 19. I initially placed the order on Wednesday, August 14 so it arrived pretty fast.

What is it about?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Earth Break is a survival story that you have to piece together with the clues that you get in every box. It takes place after an alien invasion and you are the last remaining survivor that is allowed into a secret government facility. From there, you have to solve a mystery in every episode. At the end, all of the episodes are connected and you will finally know the truth.

What you receive

In the box, you receive clues. It includes:

  • A letter

  • Well developed characters

  • A limited edition North American Communications Facility (NACS) water bottle

  • A NACS patch

  • A field notes notebook

  • A political propaganda poster that is two sided

  • P.A.T.R.I.C.I.A, an AI database

  • A key card



There is also a podcast under the same name that is available for you to listen to. It is not tied to the game so you can listen at your own pace without the fear of being spoiled.



Earth Break also has several online parts to it as well aside from the one that comes in the box. There is a Facebook group that you can join so that you’re able to connect to other people who have played the game or just have any questions. It is a closed group so I believe you might need to become a member first before joining.

There is also a forum that you can join to also post about the episode that you are currently in and also keep in contact with others. It is recommended that you try to experience the game with any of the social media because it is much more fun.

All in all, I have never experienced an escape room before and I am super excited to be able to do this with Earth Break. So far, the community has been very accepting and very nice.