The Last of Us part 2 release date trailer

For the past few months, all I have been checking is when the release date will be for The Last of Us part 2. I have also written a couple of posts on this blog about this game. So it is safe to say that I am a little bit excited. Below is the trailer if you haven’t watched it yet.

The Last of Us part 2 trailer


I am beyond excited for the release of this game. At the time of writing this post, I just reserved my collectors edition copy of the game at GameStop. Unfortunately, they no longer had the Ellie edition since it sold out within minutes after the release.

I’m glad to see Ellie be this more mature version of herself in this trailer. You can also see the exact moment that her innocence is no longer there and is instead replaced with hatred. She seems more mature to me in the trailer and more comfortable with herself as well. What I love about Naughty Dog is that they haven’t made her to be weak or like she can’t handle her business.

Ellie in mask.JPG

In the trailer, it seems like she is wearing a mask so that she doesn’t inhale the spores. I read on reddit and I think even the comments mentioned it, but not many people know her secret. It also seems like she covered her bite with a gorgeous tattoo.

ellie and dina.jpg

I am also living for Dina and Ellie. Especially after the trailer from 2018, I am excited to see that Ellie is romantically involved with someone. From the little that I have seen from Naughty Dog, Dina and Ellie are best friends. But since that trailer for The Last of Us part 2, it was extremely obvious that they had feelings for each other. It also seems like their friendship is very solid.


One person I was uncertain about was Joel. I had heard rumors on reddit that he might be dead or that he was a figment of Ellie’s imagination. I’m still unclear on whether or not he is going to live throughout the game or die but it was definitely reassuring to actually see him instead of a silhouette.

The graphics in this game are incredible. The Last of Us already has really good graphics and it is one of the few games that ages well. Some of the screenshots I have included don’t do the game justice but if you watch the trailer or any other game that features game play, the graphics are phenomenal. Naughty Dog really outdid themselves.


white door.JPG
riley and ellie.jpeg

Even before the trailer of The Last of Us part II trailer came out, Naughty Dog had released information that this game was going to be much darker and that Ellie was looking for revenge. For this, I have a theory. When playing Left Behind in the original The Last of Us, there is a scene where Riley and Ellie kiss. Towards the end of the DLC, they both get bitten. Riley unfortunately dies but Ellie survives. She lives with the survivors guilt and we see that at the end of The Last of Us. Now with The Last of Us part II, there is a scene where someone gets taken and dragged into a room. She is looking for Dina while that is going on. Ellie finds the room, there is a fight and then a gunshot. I believe that Dina was killed by a faction called the WLF. They control most of Seattle and don’t take kindly to outsiders. After her death, I do think that that gives her a reason to go after them and to kill every last one of them.

Release date

February 21, 2019

What are you most excited about for this game? Also, if you have any theories, I would like to hear about them in the comments below.